Sudden jump in seemingly unrelated referring sites?

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August 6, 2013 at 5:35 pm #10930


I have a very small, fan-based website that, until about two months ago, had maybe 4-5 referring sites on average each month, and it was usually the same referring sites each month…for the most part I was actually the one who personally posted the link on those referring sites, because my site has such a small, niche audience, and so I was familiar with the referring sites in question.

About two months ago or so, I noticed a couple of new referring sites show up that I was unfamiliar with, the first of which was “”, which appears to be related to video editing software (the site is Russian, so I can’t be certain); the video editing aspect is somewhat related to my site’s content. However, last month and already this month my referring sites stats jumped up with dozens of unfamiliar sites, many of which also appear to be Russian in origin and most seem completely unrelated to what my site content is offering.

While it’s always nice to see the site stats jump up, I’d much rather be able to track proper site stats, and this seems quite suspicious, especially when there are multiple referring hits for each of these sites. Is there a way to figure out whether there is something else going on with this? I don’t really know what it could be, but it really does have me confused, and I’m a little concerned that my site may be being used in some way that it shouldn’t be, as this is becoming a persistent problem.

Any thoughts?


August 13, 2013 at 7:33 pm #10973


I also notice a ton of random referring sites on all my sites. I think they are mostly spamming junk sites, link building site, and some search engine indexing crawlers. But I’m not sure what they are.

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