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How To Remove Landing Page Button in Weebly

Call-To-Action Button on the Landing Page of Weebly Themes works wonders for conversion.

But what if you really want to remove the Button from Landing page ?

Remove Landing Page Button in Weebly

In this tutorial, we will show you how delete this action button.

To remove the button from landing page, you need to edit the Landing page layout. If you have never edited html/css files in Weebly, please become familiar with editing html and css in Weebly.

Note that Weebly deploys multiple page layouts for themes. All Weebly themes come with four standard page layouts (landing.html, tall-header.html, short-header.html, no-header.html). You can create additional custom page layouts to suit your need.

To delete the landing page button, . We will cover both the …

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Drag & Drop Buttons In Weebly

The new Button Element in Weebly lets you drag & drop buttons to any where on your Weebly Site. Buttons greatly enhance usability. Add Buttons at places where you want your users to take action. Don’t forget, you can add buttons to side bars as well. If you have used the Flexible Footer or the Top Bar, you can drag & drop buttons there as well.…

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How to Create Buttons in Weebly

[Update: New Drag & Drop Button Element in Weebly is introduced in May, 2012. You will see this as ok button element in Weebly Editor, but you can add any text to it. Click here for more information]

You can create buttons for your Weebly Site to give a better experience to your visitors. Buttons are more effective than text links. There is no built-in drag and drop element for buttons. You need to add a style to the CSS and use Custom-Html element. Check TeluguMahal.com for an example of button usage.…

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