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Free Weebly Themes and Templates


Here are some free templates for your Weebly site. Some of you have asked about the theme we used for Siteshowcase.Weebly.com. And there were quite a few people who wanted it in different colours. So, here is the theme in four different colours: Purple, Blue, Yellow, Pink. And we are also providing some additional free weebly templates. In the next week we will provide a total of 10 themes. And these themes will be available for free for a limited time only. You can download the zip files and “Import” into your weebly account as a zip file. These themes will work with Weebly CMS only.

To learn more about how to import a theme in Weebly, please click here.

To learn about how to change Site Title Font, Paragraph Title & Text, please click here.

Special For Members Only: The Site Show Case Theme

Click Here For A Demo

This Weebly theme is made for Weebly. It includes Slide Header with 16 transitions. Comes with Drag & Drop Footer, Five different page types to fit your needs.

Weebly Site Show Case Theme

Theme with Slide Header, Flexible Footer, Five Page Types

Site Show Case Theme Download Page has instructions for using the slider. (Must be logged in to view).

Identity+ Theme

Identity Plus Weebly Theme comes with Flexible Footer for all four page types. This theme also features four different styles of buttons.

Identity+ Weebly theme free download

Click Here to See the Demo of Identity+ Weebly Theme

Get this theme from the Download page

The Informal Theme

This is a theme with custom blog, Text boxes. Suitable for casual, formal, sportive and single page sites as well. Click here to find out how to add text box.

Informal Theme by Weebly Forums

The Inform.al Theme

Click here for a Demo of Informal Theme

Download Informal Theme

Oosaravelli Weebly Theme

This theme has a big banner and is suitable for many different situations. The color combination makes it a right fit for single page sites as well as multi page sites. To edit the banner image and replace it with your own image, use ImagePerfect.

The Oosaravelli Theme

Oosaravelli Theme

Click here for a demo of Oosaravelli Theme

Download Oosaravelli Theme

Black-Purple, Blue, Light-Pink, Yellow Themes

These themes are well suited for such situations where there is not much information to present on your site. The fonts you see in the demo sites below are: “Sansation, 36px” for Site Title, “Trebuchet” for Pragraph Title, and “Sansation 16px” for Paragraph Text.

The Black and Purple Free Theme

Black Surroundings with Purple core

Click here for a Demo of Black-Purple Theme.

Download Black-Purple.

Blue theme

Combination of Light Blue and Dark Blue

Click here for a Demo of Blue Theme.

Download Blue Theme.

Light Pink Theme

Combination of Light Pink and Dark Pink

Click here for a Demo of Light-Pink Theme.

Download Light-Pink Theme.

Yellow Theme

Yellow Theme

Click here for Demo of Yellow Theme.

Download Yellow Theme.

All the above themes are self-serve themes. We will address any issues with the theme. For any issues specific to your site, please use the forum. Its often difficult to find a theme that can make a site look full if your site has very little content. You can insert image in the left box using image perfect. These themes are to help those who not comfortable editing stylesheets. If you can play with CSS, you should be able to customize it further to your taste.

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