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Incorrect Weebly Stats


Should you really care for Weebly Stats ? Are the stats right ?

In this article we address the common concerns Weebly users face.

Weebly provides two primary reports.

1. Pageviews

2. Unique Visitors

Now, the Unique Visitors reported by Weebly is rubbish. Just throw it away. Weebly has no clue what it is counting and how. For almost all sites, Weebly would show unique visitors 15% less than pageviews. Weebly’s report of Unique visitors is plain wrong.quote openSkip Weebly Stats. If you really want to monitor your website stats, just follow quote closeGoogle Analytics.

And the next one is Pageviews. This can be correct to some extent. But Weebly counts the pageviews from robots, worms etc. Weebly does not distinguish real views from those of the bots. So, this number can’t really be trusted.

If you really want to monitor your statistics, skip Weebly Stats and just count on Google Analytics.

No analytics is going to be 100% accurate. Add about 10% to what Google Analytics reports.

Remember, we add Google Analytics to the footer code. It means, Google Analytics is the last one on the page that loads. There are many situations under which the script may not successful run to capture the analytics correctly.

If your site is loading slow, a user might click away a link on the page that is still loading. This gets in the way of Google Analytics and prevents the page from being accounted.

If your site has broken tags or code, that could as well prevent the analytics script from running.

If you are a Free Weebly user, Weebly blocks the Google Ad-servers and that could potentially be blocking access to the analytics. Typically, ad-blocker interfere with analytics.

Don’t count much on “Expanded Visitor Stats”. The stats reported are not even basic.

When you add analytics code, remember to add it to “Site Settings” so that all pages are covered.quote openDon’t believe “Expanded Visitor Stats”. Google Analytics gives you 10 times more data, and requote closeports accurately.

We have a few articles following that will cover the advantages and differences between “Google Webmaster Tools”, “Google Analytics” and “Google Event Tracker”. We presented a detailed article on Google Webmaster Tools.

Soon, we will be presenting detailed articles on Google Analytics, and the Google Event Tracker which lets you track what links on a page were clicked how many times. This is very important if you are using affiliate links on your site and would like to track exactly how they are performing.

Stay tuned and subscribe to our newsletter so you won’t miss these articles.

Raju Nunna

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Raju Nunna is the Founder of "Weebly Forums"

7 Responses to “Incorrect Weebly Stats”

  1. Good point about GA under-reporting visitors. I contacted Weebly about the disparity between their stats and Google Analytics’ and their response was that the truth was ‘somewhere in between’. On some of my sites the disparity is in the order of 4.5x, i.e. Weebly reports 100 visitors, GA reports 450. Perhaps it would be useful if Weebly provided access to log files.

  2. @Graham,

    I would suggest that you try out another Analytics Tool to check which tool is more accurate. I would recommend using “Clicky” (clicky.com). It has a free version and installation is straightforward.

  3. I use Sitemeter. Have been using them for about 10 years. Highly recommend.

  4. [Quote]If you are a Free Weebly user, Weebly blocks the Google Ad-servers and that could potentially be blocking access to the analytics. Typically, ad-blocker interfere with analytics.[/Quote]

    Why does Weebly do that?
    Does it impact the Google Bot as well?
    I have Pro, but, was “free” for a long time while I set up my site.

  5. You are so right, those stats are close to useless, but might I also suggest that weebly users use another useful tools for counting statistics. I use statcounter.com, they have a rather simple but really useful mechanism that can monitor how many people come and go from your site, its not too hard to add the relevant code to a weebly site as they even have a tutorial to do so.

    Plus its also free (paid version available)! I have found that statcounters was very useful in telling me how people found my site and I recommend it to anyone who wants to know how people find your site. You can even hide the statcounter’s counter so only you know how many people have visited your site!

  6. StatCounter has been pretty reliable. I know I didn’t get anywhere near 900+ hits yesterday, as Weebly claimed, though I have been getting more traffic lately, but I can source the traffic to an event.

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  7. I have a few weebly sites. On most of them, I put the Google Analytics code in the footer as suggested. On one of them, http://www.cashcontestsforkids.com , I just copied the code and put it after all text on the page, not as part of the footer. This seems to have helped a little in terms of page views accuracy.


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