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Adobe Shadow. Test Your Site For Mobile Devices


Designing with Weebly ? Did you know, more and more websites are being viewed from Mobile Devices ?

Checking how your site appears on mobile devices is going to make these viewers a lot happier. As per Weebly sites, there is not much control on mobile version. But if you are designing with fluid layout, then you can turn off the mobile version altogether and let your desktop version optimize itself to the device.

In our previous article about Adobe BrowserLab, we have seen how to check your site’s appearance for various browsers. In this article, we will cover how you can use Adobe Shadow to check your site’s appearance for various mobile devices.

Without Adobe Shadow, you probably will be checking the pages manually by typing the URLs on each of the devices one at a time to check how your site appears. Adobe Shadow takes the trouble away. All you need to do is sync your mobile devices (iOS, Android, Kindle) with your Google Chrome Browser. Once synced, any url or page you view in chrome will automatically be displayed on every mobile device giving you instant view of your site. For a designer, this saves a lot of time and allows for quicker modifications. Watch the following video from Adobe Labs and you will appreciate how helpful it is:

In the new release 3 of Shadow, you can actually capture screenshots for all devices with just one click. You can simply send these screenshots to your client for review. Imagine the amount of time you would spend doing the same without Adobe Shadow.

You will need the Google Chrome Extension, iOS app for iOS devices, Android app for Android devices. All these are available for free download from the Adobe Shadow page.

Adobe Shadow is a wonderful tool for designers, especially in the modern paradigm, where the layouts are different for different devices and the usage of hosted services and embedded code is on the rise.

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