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Yola Launches Online Store With Ecwid Help


With the major launch of Online Store, Yola now offers a fully integrated solution. Online Store is a feature attractive to many small businesses looking for an eCommerce solution. A lot of people depend on Ecwid for selling goods online. Now that Yola has the online store designed with the help of Ecwid, it’s a welcome news for eCommerce businesses. Read more about Yola Online Store.

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One Response to “Yola Launches Online Store With Ecwid Help”

  1. It is good to see that Weebly store builders have a choice for their ecommerce shopping cart solution.

    We all know that competition improves things for end users giving them more choice to pick the right ecommerce cart that matches the needs of their online store.

    Often, a solution that does well for one person isn’t necessarily the right choice for another person, as they may have different needs when it comes to having the right delivery plan calculators to sell shippable products, or a way to sell digital download products or to capture shopper input to sell personalized products.

    When Weebly website builders look around at different carts for to use to build a Weebly store, I hope they will include the ShopIntegrator Weebly cart in their search: http://www.shopintegrator.com/cms/weebly-store-cart-basket-add-in-ecommerce-buttons.html


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