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Create A Perfect Multi Language Site Using Weebly


Serving Clients from multiple geographies ? Then, a Multi Language website is a must for you.

Imagine a vacation home rental in the French speaking Quebec province of Canada. The website need to have a professional French version and a professional English version. You would need some thing more than the automatic Google Translate.

The process involves creating multiple sites in each of the languages while still mailtaining the same look and feel.

We will take freetelugumoviesonline.weebly.com and its Telugu version te-freetelugumoviesonline.weebly.com to illustrate this step by step.

Step 1: Get your primary language site to a fairly decent shape first

Finalize the desgin, layout, Menus, Usability etc before proceeding to the next step because, once past this stage, any changes going forward will need to be made to each of the sites separately. So, it is recommended that you finalize your primary language site as much as possible.

freetelugumoviesonline.weebly.com is our primary site. This site has about 40 pages of contents embedding YouTube elements.

English version of Free Telugu Movies Online

English Version of Free Telugu Movies Online

Step 2: Copy the Primary Site you created

This is the starting point for your second language site. You are essentially creating a new site, which is a replica of your original site. The idea is to use the copied site for your other language (which we will cover in step 3). For now, copy the site so that you have a second site with same layout and design.

Create copy of primary site which would be modified for second language

Copy Primary Site. The copy will be modified for using second language

“Copy Site” automatically copies all 40 pages of contents and links from our primary site. Give your site a nice address, that can reflect the language. We chose te-freetelugumoviesonline.weebly.com as the name for the Telugu Version of the site. Note the prefix “te-” we chose to represent the Telugu version.

Second language site

Copied site name with “te-” prefix

Once the site is copied, the two sites are independent. Had we not had all our content in place in primary site, we would have to redo it for the copied site.

Step 3: Modify the second site to show content in other language

Step 2 has given us two different sites with same look. The task now is to convert the second site to a language of our choice. There are several ways for creating content in your preferred language. One way is to use Google Transliterate. Edit the Site Title, Page names, Page contents to reflect the site in the second language, in our case, Telugu.

Telugu Version of Free Telugu Movies Online

Telugu Version of Free Telugu Movies Online

Step 4:  Create cross links between the two Weebly sites

Now that we have the two sites in our languages of choice, the next step is to link them. This is a way for your site visitors to choose their language of choice.

Add a new page to each of the sites. Remember to choose the option “Link to External Site”. For each of the sites, put the address of the other language site.

Create crosslink between multi language sites

Create a cross link from one site to the other.

(Note: Do not forget to do the same for other site as well.) If you have sites in more than two languages, you may want to create a sub-menu to show links to other versions of sites.

Now your sites have a smooth and transparent flow.

Step 5: Use Custom domain prefixes for better usability (optional)

If you notice the Step 2 closely, for the second site, we used the prefix “te-”. Visitors are trained to expect a “te.yoursite.com”, “en.yoursite.com”, “fr.yoursite.com” etc for each of the languages. But if you are using a .weebly.com sub-domain, you can not use another “.” in the name. Hence the “-”.

However, if you do own a custom domain, you can set “en.yoursite.com”, “fr.yoursite.com” etc. Click here to find out how you can configure a sub-domain to your weebly site.

Raju Nunna

About Raju Nunna

Raju Nunna is the Founder of "Weebly Forums"

20 Responses to “Create A Perfect Multi Language Site Using Weebly”

  1. That's all well and good but if your second language site is in a language that uses different charcters in the alphabet weebly won't be able to read them in their advanced settings for the pages of the site, which seriously hinders your site moving up with google in the second language audience you're targeting. I've been wanting to do just what this helpful article explains for some time but why bother when every time I enter a page title, a page description or meta key words in Japanese it just reads ?????????????? after I navigate away from weebly and go back to check it. In contacting them it didn't sound like they have any intention of addressing this issue.

    • Agreed. SEO for other languages could hurt.

      • Raju Nunna
      • Raju Nunna
    • It's really too bad as I quite like the site I built using weebly (and quite easily at that), but as soon as I have the time I think I'll have to dump weebly and rebuild my site using something else as I'm based in Japan and to not be able to optimize (or even use) SEO tools in targeting my main audience in their language seems a waste of time. I don't know why weebly doesn't address the issue. Guess it's not worth their time. But that said, they're definitely losing a customer here.

    • Not sure why Weebly does not want to address it. SEO is critical and other languages are critical too.

      • Raju Nunna
      • Raju Nunna
  2. Still cannot get the page title in Japanese (it appears as a string of numbers and symbols), but now I can at least input the page description and meta keywords in Japanese and it’s reading them (and I’m seeing the results in my site’s Google rankings). Maybe they’re working on it? Not perfect yet, but it’s working for me now.

    • Dan
    • Reply
  3. I know that this is an older thread, but I’ve a work-around for sites with two languages.
    For sites that have few pages, say 8 for example, that will nicely fit a navigation bar, I include a drop-down menu from that original nav-bar, so that each in the new language sit under the original page on the menu. On the home page I place a comment in the other language to point the viewer to this option. I then copy and paste all the pages in the original language, each as a sub-page to each of the original pages, lastly changing them into the proper alternative language, as I personally don’t much like automated translation, to avoid mis-translation by a machine. And that’s it! (Professional graphic designer for many years, now building websites with weebly, some coding experience, but design and simplicity and clarity of use is my thing).
    A recent two language site of mine as a sample:

    • Thanks for sharing. That is an interesting way of doing it.

      • Raju Nunna
      • Raju Nunna
  4. good one… pretty to understand

  5. Hi guys I just created a REAL way of doing a multilanguage website, WITHOUT having to replicate the website. So if you guys want to later make a change you dont have to go making the same change twice.

    I posted it here


    It came out a little bit wacky on the formatting, so if there are any questions let me know

    • newearthmartin
    • Reply
  6. Why create multiple sites in different languages? Also you have to do is use Google Translate. It creates the code you need to embed in the “header section” for each page you want to be able to translate. It also provides the “language selector” html code which you can put into a custom HTML box on the desired pages”. If you want your entire website to be translatable then put the google translate code in the header of every page and put the translate language selector html code wherever on each page (I put in it the weebly customizable footer so it appears at the bottom of each page).

    • Steve P
    • Reply
    • “Google Translate” is not suitable for all situations. For some languages it does a good job. But for some other languages, it just can’t make sense. Also, for a site that needs perfect linguistics, an automatic solution does not make a professional impression.

      • Raju Nunna
      • Raju Nunna
  7. This is a pretty simple concept to understand. Essentially, you’re starting with a template website, making a copy, and modifying the content for each language.

    But unfortunately there is one very large caveat at the moment. When working inside the Designer Platform, there appears to be NO way to copy a site. Unless I’m missing something, I believe this can only be done when the site is within “My Sites,” but not within the Designer Platform sites.

    Right now I’m building a 40+ page website for a client who wants it in English and Spanish. I began by building the English version, and then planned to make a copy until – hold on, there’s no way to copy the site… uh oh :(

    Does anyone have any ideas?

    • GD
    • Reply
    • You can copy sites in Designer platform also. But you will have to pay for all sites. If you are creating two sites in designer platform for English and Spanish, you will be required to pay for both the sites.

      • Raju Nunna
      • Raju Nunna
  8. I expected that to be paying for each.

    But what I don’t understand is why I don’t see the option to copy just yet. Is it because I haven’t published the site and made it live yet? Will the option to copy be available once it’s online?

    For the record, this is the first site I’ve built using the Designer Platform.

    • GD
    • Reply
    • Raju, I figured it out. It wasn’t obvious, but the copy site command is actually located within the “Add site” menu. It’s working just fine. Thanks for the help.

      • GD
  9. I’m just wondering, is the problem that Dan Burns was facing (not being able to enter Page Title, Page Description etc in Japanese) a problem with all content management systems or is it a problem exclusive to Weebly?

    Using Chinese, I’m able to enter the Page Description and Meta Description without a problem, but the Page Title turns into scrambled code. Would this happen when using other systems, like, for example, WordPress?

    • Ed
    • Reply
    • Its a problem with Weebly. Not with all CMSs.

      • Raju Nunna
      • Raju Nunna
  10. I need to add a portuguese version of my site to the exieting one which is aljezurvilla.weebly.com.

    If I create a translated copy and name it pt-aljezurvilla.weebly.com and latter I want to register the domain (paid) should I pay for one site only or two sites? Thanks in advance!!

  11. These forums are great ! Thanks !
    What happens to the paypal checkout when viewed from another language ? What I mean is, if I generate a copy of my website in Japanese, and a customer from Japan visits, will they be able to complete a purchase ?

  12. it is a great article thank you for sharing this. I believe that having a website in multiple languages is the best way (and sometimes the cheapest) to reach new customer or reader if you have a blog.


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