Weebly Pricing and Comparision

New Weebly Price Plans Effective Jan 7, 2013. Find out more …


Here is a quick glimpse of Various Weebly Price Plans and their Comparison. Weebly Follows a Freemium Business Model. Here is a summary of all the options. There are three levels:

  1. Free (Weebly Free): Absolutely Free. Just create an account and use it.
  2. Pro or Paid (Weebly Pro): Gives Additional Features for a monthly fee of about $5 a month.
  3. Reseller (Weebly Designer Platform): You can sell Weebly to your clients as your service. It ranges from $8 to $25 a month per site depending on the chosen package.

Entry is Free with Basic features. For a lot of people, the free basic features offered by Weebly are more than sufficient. Free users are limited to only 2 sites in their account.

For those users who need a bit more features, there is Weebly Pro. Click here for a list of additional features offered with Weebly Pro or Paid subscriptions. If you are a Business user, check the article describing real advantages of Weebly Pro.

Weebly Pro Pricing

Pricing of Weebly Pro

The pricing for Weebly Pro is $4.58 per month. However, if you sign up for 2 years, it drops down to $2.99 per month.

The Designer Platform is a way of offering Weebly as your service and resell it at your own price. You can charge your clients as you like. But have to pay Weebly based on the package you choose for each site. Read about who the Weebly Designer Platform is for before picking the option.

Weebly Designer Platform Pricing

Pricing depends on the package you pick for each site

The Weebly Pro Plan costs about $3 a month and gives you 10 sites  for Unlimited Pages, Storage Space, Bandwidth. Whereas with Designer Plan it costs $250 per month for 10 sites. So, you have to evaluate if Designer Platform with white labelling is worth the additional $247 each month.

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  1. Hi, I just wanted to say that I am enjoying reading your stuff about weebly. I am looking into the weebly’s designer platform as a way for me to offer my web design services and as a way to design themes for resell. It is big decision as to if I want to go the pro or the designer plan. It may look more professional to have it unbranded. And it is a way to earn extra monthly income from hosting the clients site. But, is it worth it? Some clients may need a lot of support.

    I am also checking out other platforms too like the ZOHO you mentioned in another post. And I like SquareSpace and Muse / Business Catalyst but nothing is perfect. (And there is WordPress which I am not in love with). I always seen to run into something that is a deal breaker. Ultimately I have to make sure I keep my costs down and that I can quickly and easily make themes and custom sites pretty quickly.

    I appreciate all of your info on your site! Take care!

    • It is absolutely worth it. I would not choose Weebly Designer Platform because of lack of phone support (even at an additional charge). Your clients won’t like it if you can’t answer them when their sites go down or don’t work. There are two choices:

      1. Weebly Pro: This is not unbranded. Even if you use designer platform, you are going to have to disclose to your clients at some point that you are limited by what Weebly provides. What would you do when your client ask for SSL support ? So, going with Weebly Pro will save you money (lot of money) and you will be able to maintain a better relation with your clients.
      2. SiteKreator/BusinessCatalyst: You can use these if you want to brand yourself. These are more expensive. But they offer you plenty of flexibility. With SiteKreator, you can buy white label support for $2 a month. When your clients need mail marketing, SSL etc, it is ready for you to offer them.

      I would choose Weebly Pro for clients looking for inexpensive solution. And I would choose SiteKreator/BusinessCatalyst whose needs are expected to change. Yola Silver is also good, but I would stay away from it because it does not give you control over html. You only get access to css, which may not be sufficient.

  2. I am rethinking using weebly simply because of the new pricing changes. It is only feasible to be a reseller offering the pro version and putting all clients under the one account. This is no longer possible so to grow my business I have to keep signing up new accounts. Silly. Also weebly does not include email boxes, auto billing, payment gateways etc like hostgator or bluehost do. Might be time to learn wordpress…!