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How to Add Password Protected Pages in Weebly


Ability to add Password Protected pages is limited to Weebly Pro users. Free users can not use this feature. First step is to set the password from the Settings tab.

Set the Site Passwrod for weebly site

From the Setting Tab of the weebly site editor, use general settings and site password.

Choose a password and enter it in ‘Site Password’ field of General settings under Setting tab. Once you have selected the password, the next step is to select which pages will be password protected which can be done in the ‘Pages’ tab.

password protected page in weebly

For every page that needs to be set as a password protected page, select the page and check the option ‘password protect this page’.

A Lock symbol appears next to the pages that are protected by passwords. Once the changes are saved and published, any visitor trying to access this page will be required to enter the password in order to view the contents of the page.

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4 Responses to “How to Add Password Protected Pages in Weebly”

  1. Is there a way to keep the header and the navigation bar there when people click on a password protected page? Otherwise they need to hit the “back” button to get back to the site and that’s no good. Thanks.

  2. Do you know a way of having multiple password feature in Weebly.
    I understand this is not available from Weebly themselves at the moment.
    For example I would like to have a Members page such as you use and have other pages available for specific users.

    Once again thanks for your help in advance

    • two41
    • Reply
    • There is no way (currently) to create multiple passwords in Weebly. Member registration is not available either. So, if you need to create a ‘member only area’, you may want to create a subdomain and host that piece some where else.

      • Raju Nunna
      • Raju Nunna
  3. When I press password protect the page, it says you need membership. What do I do?


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