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How to Change Landing Page in Weebly


Your Home Page does not have to be your Landing Page, the page that is loaded when a visitor enters your url. It is the ‘Index’ page. The Page that is at the top of your list of Pages in the “Pages” tab is the landing page and is marked with Home Icon. We will take the example of UsingBlogs Real Estate Agency Demo website, where the landing page is Listings.

Landing page in Weebly

Landing page different from Home Page

The first page in the list is the landing page. If you would like some other page as your landing page, simply drag it to the top. A Home Icon will appear next to it. Note that when you change the order of pages here, the order will get reflected in Menu as well.

Your Google Verification code, Google Analytics etc should be in your landing page (index.html). So, whichever is your first page in the list here, should have your SEO parameters set correctly. Also, make sure that your landing page is well connected to your other significant pages for search engine optimization.

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13 Responses to “How to Change Landing Page in Weebly”

  1. Hello! This website is full of useful information and thank you! But your management of tags and categories attracts me. In detail I mean your "popular posts","related posts","tags" with different size and also the link of tags and categories of each post at the end of the post. Would you please show me a way to realize these things? I want to make my blogs organized. Thank you very much!

    • WeeblyForums.com is using WordPress (not weebly). Almost all the features we use in WeeblyForums.com are pretty much standard with WordPress. "Related Posts" is a plugin called YARPP made for WordPress. Tags is not currently available with Weebly.

      • Raju Nunna
      • Raju Nunna
  2. Thank you very much! Have a nice day!

    • xixipang
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  3. My website is a driving school, unfortunately i did not choose a domain with driving school in it and it takes much more effort to be ranked at first page of Google.
    How can i put the key word “driving school” into my home page ?
    I try changing the page name from Home to driving school but my URL still shows index.html unlike other pages the URL is the page name.


    • Go to Settings–>SEO–>Then put the Keywords in the keywords box seprated by a comma.

      • saloni
  4. Hi Raju,

    I’m a long time fan of your help website. Wondering if you can make a tutorial showing people how to use multiple landing pages (switching sides for the pictures, etc)?

    • Ash
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  5. How do I make a “coming soon” or “under construction” page on my website, while still working on my real website?

    • Simple & Dirty way: Put your “Coming Soon’ page as the first one. This will be your home (during construction). Hide all other pages. Make sure you choose not to display the site in search engines until you are done. You will find an option in ‘Settings’ to hide it from search engines.

      Smart way: If you know how to play with html/css, create a new page type called “Construction” page and in its html, remove {menu}. Apply this construction page type to your temporary Home. This way, you will get to work with menu also for your other pages while the home does not show any of the pages.

      • Raju Nunna
      • Raju Nunna
  6. Hello! Where do I find the urls for my weebly pages? I have another website I wish to put a link to, say, a hidden page i have on my weebly site.

    Where do I find the urls for the pages I created for my weebly site?

    Or is it simply the name / the page name? Ex: http://www.howtostopapanicattack.info/resourceblog

    • Yes. It is your domain followed by the page name. Make sure you use all lowercase letters. Replace and blank spaces with -
      Other way is to create a hidden page, add internal page links and just get the urls from there.

      • Raju Nunna
      • Raju Nunna
  7. Hi! First, thank you so much because this site helped me build my first website through Weebly.
    Now, I have followed the directions for changing my landing page as listed above, but I get two index.html homepages. Meaning, my blog page (the page I’m trying to make my new landing page) does show up when the address is entered, but when I hit home (the previous landing page) the blog page also shows. Is there anyway to remove or change the index.html from the home page tab. Please help! Thank you.

  8. Ah HA !

    so I have entered all the codes (like adsense) into the “Edit Site Settings -Search Engine Optimization (SEO) area, but was declined-

    this info about ALSO adding the codes into the HOME pages “Advanced Settings -Header” code area may be why i was declined

    is this area considered Weeblys ROOT directory for my website, as i am aware we do not have access to that…?

    Thanks as always and will update if this solved the adsense decline….

    Site Description:
    Meta Keywords:
    (separate each keyword with a comma)
    Footer Code:
    (ex. Google Analytics tracking code)
    Header Code:
    (ex. Google Webmaster Tools verification meta tag)
    Hide site from search engines:
    301 Redirects: Configure redirects

  9. Hi the pages on my weebly built site all end with .html in the URL – this might sound like a really stooopid basic question, but how do I correct his so they end withOUT “html” and without losing any of the links I’ve built so far, to the current URLS’s – thanks in advanced for any feedback.

    Any “idiot proof” style reply is always best with me ;)

    • Dave
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