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How to Add Contact Form, Survey Form or RSVP Form in Weebly


Conducting Surveys and RSVPs in Weebly is ver straight forward.

Survey form and RSVP form in Weebly

Choose the type of form. A Contact Form, a Survey Form or an RSVP Form

Survey forms can be accessed from Elements ->  More -> Forms. Once the form is dragged to the right place, editing the form options and the form fields is same for all three forms. Please see Contact From editing for more information about how to edit the form settings and options. To view the submissions and entries of the form, click on the form in Website editor and select “View Entries”. You can also check the entries from the Site list. Click the “More tab” and select “Form Entries”. You can check the entries from all forms in the site.

Check form entries

From the Site list, click the ‘More’ button and select ‘Form Entries’ to view the entries.

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5 Responses to “How to Add Contact Form, Survey Form or RSVP Form in Weebly”

  1. How do I make a form\survey with more fields than 5 fields for free easily using custom code and an outside tool. Thanks In advance

    • jack
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  2. Just making sure I’m notified

    • jack
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  3. okay so I’ve found a solution I’m pretty sure but I’m not sure what to do with the file once I’ve got it I’ve used
    Which is a free php form builder that makes it easy to create a larger form than you would be usually allowed in weebly for free.

    After I download the zip file I’m stumped on what to do could you please explain thanks

    • jack
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  4. Okay well after some more research I’ve found another option
    using google docs create a form then choose more options from the menu>embed copy this url and then in weebly create a custom html element and paste in the url.
    There are some templates you can use, also if you have a look at the different options on google docs. it seems like a really easy option, but the process of creating the form is not familiar using pforms website the process of creating the form is simple and very similar to weeblys interface

    • jack
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  5. Hi,

    I’ve added a survey to my website but it only allows 3 questions. How do I add more questions?


    • bsanders@drizzle.com
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