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How to Verify Your Weebly Site with Google


To be able to use Google Webmaster tools for your weebly site, your site need to be verified. From your Google Webmaster tools, choose the ‘Meta Tag’ verification method.

Google site verification for weebly site

Choose the Meta tag option

Copy this google site verification meta tag and paste it into ‘Header code’ field of ‘Search Engine Optimization SEO’ from your weebly settings.

Site verification code added to Header Code of weebly site

Site verification meta tag added to Header code section of SEo of weebly settings

Similary, if you need to add Google analytics code, add it to the ‘Footer code’ field of Search Engine Optimization in Weebly.

Submit your site to Google and Bing for indexing so that your site is shown to users searching for content that matches your website. Yahoo and Bing use the same data for their search engines. So, there is no need to submit it to Yahoo again.

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12 Responses to “How to Verify Your Weebly Site with Google”

  1. I don't see the verification option at all. I thought maybe I already added it to the header of my site, but I don't see any code there either. :(

    • Assuming that you have a webmaster tools account, if you login to http://www.google.com/webmasters/tools/ you will see options to add new site. That is where the verification options will be. Generate the code.

      Take this code, place it in your weebly header code area, 'Save Settings' and 'Publish' your site.

      Then go back to the google webmaster tools and click the verify your site.

      I guess you missed to save the settings in weebly site after adding the header code.

      • Raju Nunna
      • Raju Nunna
  2. there is no footer code what is it i really need to know i have got the header code where can you find the footer code????????????????

  3. I had a lot of trouble getting my website verified by using any of the three options Google provided. After downloading the Google analytic tracking code to my site . I notice the option for header code to be verified had change. I believe as these Google tools and such become more used they are changing the verification codes. so make sure your code is up to date and try downloading the Google analytic tracking code first , because then you will have that tracking code as an option to be verified . This so far was the quickest way I have found.

  4. How can I verify my account on here in Weebly??

  5. Last night I attempted to get the codes for my header and footer in the SEO of my weebly website. I got the site verified via Webmasters but missed the step of getting the code for the header and now dont seem to be able to access it via Webmasters Tools. Am I best to delete the website verification, wait 24 hours for the previous verificatoin to clear and then start again?

    I did get the Google Analytics code and put that in my footer code. thanks Melinda

    • Melinda Blair Paterson
    • Reply
  6. Sorry I forgot to put in my website. Its http://www.melindablairpaterson.com
    thanks Melinda

  7. How to verify weebly with yahoo,bing,DMOZ ???
    please helpp

  8. Hello my friend,

    • really counting on you for this one!

    What is your opinion on Google Analytics?

    I opened an account w Googe Analytics and in order to have them track the site I have to paste some javascript code “in each page”.

    I pasted it into the section in the tutorial above HEADER CODE below the google verification code I pasted previously (thnx for the help!).

    Is this correct or do i need to go to the css main page and paste it somewhere?

    Also, on ALEXA’s site giving me details about my website my META DESCRIPTION is different from what I have typed in the Weebly SITE DESCRIPTION …?

    Where else could the wrong info have been entered?
    Could this be related to the google verification process and be in the google verification code previously pasted?

    Thank You so much in advance !!


    • zeebly
    • zeebly
    • Reply
    • Instead of adding to each page, you could add the analytics script to the Header code under “Settings”, which will automatically add it to every page.

      You do not need to edit css. Adding to the Site settings or page settings is good enough.

      As per Alexa, see what you have for the “Page Description” for the home page.
      It should not have any thing to do with the Google Verification code.

      • Raju Nunna
      • Raju Nunna
  9. I have followed method described on Weebly to verify this site with Google Webmaster but I get this message:

    Verification failed for http://parentsofangels.co.uk/ using the Meta tag method (less than a minute ago). We couldn’t find the verification meta tag.
    Verify your ownership of http://parentsofangels.co.uk/.

    • I had the same problem at first! But I discovered that I needed to click publish at the top after I put in the header code and saved it in Settings. It isn’t enough just to click save. I think you have to click publish, even if you have already done that. Hope this helps!


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