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How to Transfer Weebly Site to GoDaddy


If you just need to point your weebly website address to a godaddy address that you own, all you need to do is to point your godaddy domain-name/address to your weebly site. Please click here for detailed instructions on how to point your GoDaddy domain to weebly site.

But if you need to move or transfer all of your weebly website content to GoDaddy and host it at GoDaddy, then you need to download your full website from the Setting –> Archive option. You can download the .zip file. Unzip the contents and just upload it to GoDaddy. Note that certain items like Blogs, Forums etc are not downloadable and does not work. Also, once you move your site to a different host, you will no more be able to use it like Drag-And-Drop you do in Weebly. So, you will pretty much lose access to the editing interface. You can download the current site and host it else where. Inorder to edit the content later on, you will have to use a html and style sheet editor like Dreamweaver. For instructions on how to download your site, please click here.

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  1. I semi-successfully uploaded my weebly created site to a client's Godaddy account. The site is up and running. The main problem is the FORMS are not working at all. What should I adjust so that the submit works. This is really urgent as client will check soon… All your help would be greatly appreciated!!!

  2. Keep in mind that the functionality provided by weebly might not work at other places. Weebly Forms & Blogs use weebly internal php scripts. Weebly will not provide these scripts for you to run else where. You have to create new forms for the site you uploaded to GoDaddy. Search for 'contact-form.php'. If you are not comfortable with php, there are form generators available. Check

    • Raju Nunna
    • Raju Nunna
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  3. btw, I assume you are transferring your entire site (not just domain name) to GoDaddy. If you only transferring the domain name but would like to host the site at Weebly, then your contact form should work fine. Check the email address you have set in the contact form options. You can find more info on Contact Form options at http://weeblyforums.com/edit-contact-form-title-and-fields-and-form-options-in-weebly/

    • Raju Nunna
    • Raju Nunna
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