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How to Enable Weebly Mobile Version of Site


All sites on Weebly come with a built in mobile ready versions. When you enable your site’s mobile version, mobile devices and mobile browsers will be detected automatically and the content is presented in a way that is suitable to be read on mobile phones. Enabling mobile version does not effect the desktop browsers. People accessing your site from desktops will be presented the regular content, while people accessing your site from mobile phone will be presented with mobile optimized content. To enable mobile version, Click on the Settings tab, select Mobile Setting and Check the box.

Enable Mobile version of weebly site

Check Enable Mobile box to turn on the mobile version

If your visitors are likely to access your site from mobile phones, it is better to design your site in a way that it is suitable for both desktop and mobile browsers. For example, the TeluguMahal site is designed primarily for mobile users. It lists the show timings and theatres addresses when a new release Telugu (one of the Indian languages) movie is being screened in US and Canada. For some movies the movies are shown in 50 different theatres. Listing all show timing for entire week at all the theatres would make it very inconvenient for a mobile user to go through. It could be about 25 pages long. So, we chose to divide the listings by states and each state is presented as a clickable button making it convenient for mobile users. Check the page http://www.telugumahal.com/badrinath.html from your desktop browser and mobile browser as well for comparison. The two column lay out keeps it easy for desktop browser. Where as, for mobile users, the columns are automatically presented one below the other thus making it easy for mobile users too. If the content is not too long, we present it directly without adding buttons like in http://www.telugumahal.com/brammigadi-katha.html . But if the content is too long, we break it up state wise like in http://www.telugumahal.com/badrinath.html

Presenting mobile content for weebly

Two two-column elements. First two columns have 5 image elements.

It is important to know the order in which the elements are presented in order to make it usable for all of your users. Elements are presented from top to bottom. If an element has columns, the columns are presented left to right. If one column has five buttons, they are shown before presenting the elements of next column. We wanted to present the advertisement “Telugu Movies etc” in the middle of the states for mobile users. So, we placed it at the bottom of the first column. Knowing the order in which the elements are presented will help with planning your content for mobile users and desktop users.

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9 Responses to “How to Enable Weebly Mobile Version of Site”

  1. The mobile site back ground is white. This is a real problem as the back ground for the main site is black with all images (especially .png files) reversed out.
    How can i make the back ground color of the mobile site black??

    • I can understand your problem. Mobile Site appearance is not user configurable.

      • Raju Nunna
      • Raju Nunna
  2. If I want to make the site for both mobile and laptop/desktop, what do you reccommend for ad placement locations ? Ad Sizes?

    • Ben
    • Reply
  3. Is there a way to get the images from your weebly site to appear on the mobile? I have the basic version of weebly and notice that the image that appears at the top of the page on my desktop does not appear on my mobile site. Am I missing something?

    Is this not currently an option? If not is there anything that I can do to bring some of those features over for a more complete mobile site?

    • Allison C.
    • Reply
    • Header banner images are not displayed in Mobile version. There is no provision to configure it. If you use a no-header page and use a slideshow for images, then you will see the images in Mobile version. But, I would not recommend this approach. It spoils the appeal of regular site.

      If mobile appearance is a high priority, I strongly suggest you to check http://weeblyforums.com/2012/12/add-punch-to-mobile-site/

      Check back in couple of weeks. We are going to post a tutorial for mobile redirection. That should change things for you.

      • Raju Nunna
      • Raju Nunna
  4. Thanks for this post, Raju. Does Weebly use RESS approach? Do you think Weebly’s mobile version is as good/optimized as any other? I look forward to the tutorial you mentioned in the comment above.

    • It does not use RESS. Weebly’s mobile optimization is out dated. I guess Weebly is working on resurrecting it.

      • Raju Nunna
      • Raju Nunna
  5. How do I use a button to link html to call a phone?

    • winndknot
    • Reply
  6. The slideshow element doesn’t appear to be visible in the mobile version? On checking my site on my phone, there is just nothing – not even a blank space. where the slideshow element is on the desktop version.

    Any suggestions as to how to get the slideshow element operational on the mobile version would be greatly appreciated.

    I load slideshows of recent surfing images as I run a surfing website, so it’s a big problem that these aren’t viewable on a mobile :-(

    Thanks for a great and infomative forum!

    • millerslocal
    • Reply

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