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How to Create a Blog with Weebly


When it comes to weebly blogs, there are two sides to the matter.

    1. It is wonderful if your requirements are simple and if all you need is a means of providing broadcast information to your audience. Weebly provides an easy access to the blog comments for moderation.
    2. For real blogging with all bells and whistles, requiring heavy user engagement, roles, discussions, debates etc, Weebly may not be the best choice (yet).

Weebly is geared more towards creating a great looking website easily while giving all the flexibility needed for easy maintenance. Blogs in weebly is a good side dish when there is an occasional need for it.

Creating a blog is just as simple as creating a page. Instead of adding a new page, you add a new blog.

Add a Blog page

Click Add Blog to add a blog page

Rest of the features are similar to that of pages. You can make a blog private or public. You can include it in navigation menu or exclude it. You can move it under any menu or sub-menu. You can name it the way you want. And you can add as many blogs as you want. Here is a snap shot of a blog we use in Telugu Movies Etc. You can add a picture to the post too. We used plain text.

Adding Blog post

‘New Post’ to add a new post. ‘Manage Blog’ for blog settings.

Once in the Blog page, the elements made for Blog appear in the elements section. The ‘Read More Break’ which is useful for showing excerpts of long posts, and the ‘Blog Side Bar’ which can be used to add Blog specific items, will be under the Elements Tab.. You can drag-and-drop Blog Side Bar elements to display archives, categories, social badges etc in the side bar of the blog. You will be able to add all elements to the blog post including photo galleries, slideshows, video player, embedding documents etc.

Blog Sider bar elements

Elements of the Blog Side Bar

To review comments, you can either choose ‘Manage Blog’ or check from your site list.

Review Comments

Click Blog Comments to view the comments

The Blogging works very well for getting your message out and enables moderate user interaction. For small businesses and non-profits, engaging with customers and members through blogs is a key activity.

Raju Nunna

About Raju Nunna

Raju Nunna is the Founder of "Weebly Forums"

26 Responses to “How to Create a Blog with Weebly”

  1. Well explained.. But I hav e another question in mind. I made my blog as my home page and I would like to ask is there any way I can put html above the blog page? not the posts? I plan on putting adsense ads above my posts in the homepage which is my blog…Your answer will be really appreciated..

    • That will not be possible, Howard. Blog page is auto generated with latest 10 posts. You might have to play with the CSS but that is going to effect all the pages.

      • Raju Nunna
      • Raju Nunna
    • Aww too bad.. Anyway! Thanks a lot for your help, I really appreciate it..

      • Howard
  2. How would I make my blog, my homepage?

    • In your pages, drag the blog page to the top. Blog page is like any other page. Whichever is at the top of you list of pages, becomes your homepage.

      • Raju Nunna
      • Raju Nunna
  3. Love weebly, if only I could edit it on my phone or at least update the blog through email.

  4. Is it possible to post a weebly blog post via email? If so, is it just plain text or is formatting allowed?

    • Iggy
    • Reply
    • No. Blog posts can not be posted via email in Weebly.

      • Raju Nunna
      • Raju Nunna
  5. Hello, are there any external blog that can be embed into the weebly website?

    Many Thanks

    • Panos
    • Reply
  6. How do you use the “Read More Break”? I’m using the blog as my home page and I would like only part of each post to show there. I’ve tried editing the post and using the drag and drop but I must be doing something wrong. The only place I could get it to work is in the sidebar. :-(

    • Shelley,

      I have been trying to figure out the page break for quite some time with no success. If you find anything please let me know.

      • Tim
    • rather the read more break

      • Tim
    • Shelley,

      This is what I had to do. I had to type part of my content. Then bring the ‘read more break’ down below it just as you would with Youtube. Then bring down the paragraph widget you want to use and continue typing your content, adding pictures and videos what have you. In other words you have to cut and paste it together segment by segment. Content, ‘read more break’, content. Not exactly the most efficient way (as WordPress lets you insert it right in the text), but that’s how it works.

      • Tim
  7. It would be good to be able to set the blog page to open on a particular blog entry, rather than just the latest one. Would this be possible???

  8. I am a Pro User and the ‘read more’ link seems inconspicuous to me. I don’t want my readers to miss that there is a whole post beyond the first paragraph above the ‘read more’ link. How can I make this link more obvious?

    • You can redefine the id “blog-read-more-link” and the class “blog-link”

      • Raju Nunna
      • Raju Nunna
    • Hey,

      I have a similar question. Raj, I looked in the Main CSS Stylesheet and could not find the id “blog-read-more-link” and the class “blog-link”

      Where can I find that so I can modify it?



      • peterkoan
    • Can you post this question in forums along with your website address ? We will see what exactly is going on.

      • Raju Nunna
      • Raju Nunna
  9. Perhaps the question may sound funny, but I really don’t know :)
    Is it possible to make the comments on blog visible? Right now I can see them only when I click the word “Comments”. It would be nice to have them to be seen on my blog together with the posts.

  10. Hello,
    I could’t find any information how to change thewords of links “Forward”, “Previous” below my blog page in my language?
    And one more question; can be more than ten blog posts in one page? It will be more comfortable for me..
    Please help . Thanksa lot

    • Luk Luka
    • Reply
  11. Hi

    I’d like to use the blog feature on our website as a “latest news” page, I think it would work well but I’d also like to have some kind of a “preview of latest news” on our home page. Can I preview the latest couple of blog entries on another page?

    My other plan if not was to somehow use the blog as our homepage and change it to look like our main homepage. How much can I edit the blog page?


  12. I am wondering how the Facebook and Twitter buttons work? I was testing my own blog and attempting to post my latest blog article on my facebook business page. Clicking the LIKE and CONFIRM did not add the posting to my business page. What am I missing?

  13. My question is virtually the same as Luk Luka above, but there is no response…

    I have the Blog on an internal page, not homepage. BUT i want to show a summary of “latest News” in a column on the homepage…say the newest 3 or 4 articles. I do not want to use the Blog as the homepage.
    1. Is this possible?
    2. How is it done?
    3. Do i use the RSS feed to populate this?

    The above is a basic setup of millions of websites, and can’t understand how Weebly hasn’t built this in to a draggable widget!. Please help… if i can’t do this i may have to find another platform that can…


    • Allan
    • Reply
  14. For the sidebar, I have a categories area, but don’t know how to link different posts to the categories. How to do this? Also, if a post fits multiple categories, how do I handle?

    • Megan
    • Reply

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