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How to Add and Edit Paragraphs and Pictures in Weebly


The main content for a weebly website comes with the use of Paragraph and Picture elements. There are five elements that you can use depending on the need.

Five elements the weebly sites are built with

The five elements that constitute the main content of a weebly site: “Paragraph with Title”, “Paragraph with Picture”, “Picture”, “Title”, “Paragraph”

The core content of any weebly site is built with the elements:

  1. Paragraph with Title
  2. Paragraph with Picture
  3. Picture
  4. Title
  5. Paragraph

All these elements can be accessed from the “Elements” tab in website editor. They are all in the “Basic” elements category. We will take the Free FSBO Website to illustrate the use of these elements.  

1. “Paragraph with Picture” Element

The first element in Home page of Free FSBO Website is “Paragraph with Picture”. 

Paragraph with Picture element in Weebly

To use a section which needs a paragraph, title and picture, use the “Paragraph with Picture” element in weebly

If a section of your page needs a paragraph along with an image and a title, use the “Paragraph with Picture” element. You can just click and type the text in the title and in the body of the paragraph. When you click the area where you want to add the text, you will also see an options bar that allows you to stylize the text or title. Similarly, point your mouse on image area and you get options to “Edit” the image where you can select a different image or link the image to another page or add caption to the image. The “Advanced” option of the image will allow you to add “Alt Text” to the image.

2. “Picture” Element

The next section of Free FSBO Websiteis an image pointing to step-by-step instructions for building a FSBO site. This is a picture element only. This element has only an image and nothing else. All properties of images can be applied to this element.

Picture element in weebly

Picture element in weebly. The image can be linked to another page. A caption can be added to the image as well.

 3. “Title” Element

If you just need a title but not the paragraph or image, then use the “Title” element. For example, in our Free FSBO Site, the sidebar needed just a “Follow us” title without any paragraph.

Title element in weebly

Use the Title element to use it as a heading to a section

You can use the “Title” only element where you do not need a paragraph or any thing else.

4. “Paragraph” Element

Many times the need add just a paragraph arises due to several reasons. Either the section does not have a common heading. Or, the section is continuation of a different element which already has a heading. The Features page of Free FSBO Websitehas multiple sections detailing the features and it is ideal to put them in one paragraph.

Paragraph element in Weebly

Paragraph element with features detailed in free style

Adding the paragraph gives the ability to format the content the way you want to present. In our case, this section is just a continuation of the previous section and hence a paragraph is the right choice.

5. “Paragraph with Title” Element

This is the most commonly used element. Any section that needs a heading and a paragraph fits this element. In the Free FSBO Website, we used this to list the weebly features we used for creating the FSBO site so that people can create their own sites.

Paragraph with title element in weebly

Paragraph with Title element in weebly

The Paragraph with Title element is a good fit for both longer and shorter sections.

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