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Disadvantages of Weebly Blogs


Before using Weebly Blogs, know its limitations and decide if Weebly Blogs is righ for you. There are some situations where Weebly Blogs can be a good choice. Following are the limitations. If these limitations does not bother you, then you can choose to use blogs.

  1. No user management, registration. Your users can not have a profile.
  2. Blog posts shown in Blog page is fixed at 10. You can not configure it to show more or show less posts on your Blog page.
  3. No control on who can comment. You can specify who can comment or not because you do not have user registrations for your site.
  4. You can not use third part commenting system like Disqus.
  5. You can not copy Blog posts to any where. So, you will not be able to migrate. If you need to move to Blogger or WordPress, you have to manually copy and paste all of your posts and comments.
  6. You can not archive your Blogs. Backup/archive does not work. If your blog is broken, you may end up losing every thing.
  7. No two column layout. You can not change the layout at all. You can not create multiple columns to make the Blog more suitable to your need.
  8. You can not adjust the sidebar width of the blog. It is fixed.
  9. No spam protection. You could end up getting lot of junk and spam if you leave the blog comments open.
  10. If you choose to ‘approve first’ on comments, you have to approve each and every comment. With no spam protection, you will have to go through a lot of comments if you use ‘approve first’.
  11. Many of the custom html functions does not work within blog post. Disqus for example, does not work in a blog post. Third party solutions might not work inside a blog post when you need it.
  12. No post tags. Post tags tell precisely what the post is about in 5 or 6 words. Search engines give higher priority to post tags treating them as subjects rather than words. But Weebly does not adopt post tags which leaves the focused blog posts to be treated as generic content.
Raju Nunna

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Raju Nunna is the Founder of "Weebly Forums"

17 Responses to “Disadvantages of Weebly Blogs”

  1. I find that the most annoying thing is that you can't have a specific title and description for each blog post; they're all the blogs default. I hope weebly adds some more functionality to blogs soon :/

    • I guess you mean a different title style for each of the blog post. I too hope they make the title style independently editable.

      • Raju Nunna
      • Raju Nunna
  2. Can you add images to a post ? Many Thanks

    • Panos
    • Reply
    • Yes.

      • Raju Nunna
      • Raju Nunna
  3. Hi,
    ı was using weebly but now my website is not working and ı dont want to use weebly more. but my blog is there and I didn’t read all of this before I created it. ı understand what you said but you know, I want to ask it anyway, is there a solution to take my blog posts from weebly? not manually copy ofcourse.
    thanks a lot

    • merve
    • Reply
    • Refer to bullet point number 5…

      • fitz
  4. Hi,
    I have already launched two weebly websites, working perfectly for last 1 year. :)
    I am planning to launch another one which includes many blogs. I have seen people having so many issues with weebly blog. I am okay with the limitations written above.
    But i want to know that what are the chances that I may lost my website blogs? :(
    Shall I continue creating weebly blog pages? or is it too risky?
    I am confused. I love weebly, I dont want to go with other web hosting sites.

    • deepali
    • Reply
  5. Thank you for this. I went all around the weebly site to find out what they offer for blogs, and it was just a wild goose chase.

    • tribalnoizes
    • Reply
  6. Can you tell me how to put tag to blog posts. So that it adds a Read More Button to the blog post. Please reply soon.

    • Use the “Read More Break” element. You will see once you click your Blog page to edit it.

      • Raju Nunna
      • Raju Nunna
  7. can we link blogger or use google blogger as blog on weebly? pls reply soon;…thank you

  8. Is there a way I can link a blog from another sie,like blogspot, to my weebly website. Is it practicle to have a blog on a completely differenyt place than your web site. i was thinking of starting a blog but am unsure which way to go, kee my blog as an extra page on my site or go to blogspot since it seems pretty well used and well known.

    • Stephanie, please post it in Forums with details of your site so that the chain can be focussed to your situation. It depends on how serious you are about blogging. Weebly’s blogging platform is basic. It is sufficient for a lot of small businesses. But if you are expecting a wider audience and decent traffic to your blog and comments, you may be better off with a third party blog and use a custom subdomain for it, or, embed the blog.

      • Raju Nunna
      • Raju Nunna
  9. I’ve had a Weebly blog for 15 months which made no money, though I have 500 or more visitors a day. They updated me to Pro, but the ads have to be changed to google custom ads. That’s not hard, but they do not show up in Live mode, only as white lines, although they show up in Edit mode. Do you know how I can fix it? I don’t want to abandon the blog, but Weebly keeps blowing me off with solutions that don’t work. Thanks.

  10. Hi,

    I use Weebly’s blog quite frequently, just pretty much writing about anything that fascinates me, such as Black Holes, Supernovae, Stellar Evolution etc., but also about personal things, like trips I’ve taken recently etc. I would really appreciate it if Weebly would give us an advanced option, or, for that matter, if they might give me some sort of a code which I can include in the CSS, which will reduce the number of blog posts that a visitor can see to one. It’s annoying, of anything, for them to have to load everything that’s on the page, including dozens of images that have a tendency to be quite large and lots of text.

    Brandon Doyle

  11. Exporting last 10 posts to wordpress can be done via rss feed – shame it doesnt export more and also do comments

  12. Can Weebly Add post tags to their blog to help us better get SEO? I would like to drive more traffic to my site and want the blog content to be accessible and not just seen as a “page with generic content.”

    Second question, I see the “read more” break icon but when ever I try dragging it into my paragraph blog, it just sits on the top and can’t be injected where I want the break.

    Troubleshoot please and thanks


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