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How to Change Weebly website address


You can change the name of your weebly site any time you want. It is normal for people to start with one sub-domain name and then later realize a name that fits better. When we put the http://usingblogs.weebly.com, we initially picked a different name and put the site together. Once it is done, we figured that the original name does not reflect what we really wanted to do with the site. Our aim was to show how people can use weebly blogs to create a real estate agency website. So, we changed it to http://UsingBlogs.weebly.com. This new name not only describes the purpose of site, but is also a good choice for SEO (search engine optimization). To change the name, go to Settings –> General Settings.

Changing weebly website address

Click the Change Site Address link to change your weebly website address

The first item in General settings is “Address” and the option to “Change Site Address”. Click the “Change Site Address” link. You will now get the option to choose a different name, or to register a custom domain or use an existing domain name of yours.

Choose a new name for weebly website

Choose a new weebly sub-domain name or register a new custom domain or use your own domain name

You can change this any number of times you want. If you are choosing a weebly subdomain or registering a new domain, once you enter your choice, you will see if the name is available for you to pick.

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19 Responses to “How to Change Weebly website address”

  1. Hi,
    Thank you very much for your post. My question is – if I change a weebly sudomain address in the way mentioned – is there an automatic 301 referral? I mean, if someone is searching the old address is he referred automatically to the new address?
    Thank you very much!!

    • efrat
    • Reply
    • Yes. The old address is redirected to the new address automatically. It is 301 permanent redirect.

      • Raju Nunna
      • Raju Nunna
  2. i changed my address from joyfulamb to joyfulambassadors but it still opens the old address, how do i completely delete the old address

    • I am also facing the same problem. The old site is still being shown instead of the new domain. Please reply.

    • Same problem…it still opens with the original subdomain. Who will answer this question?

      • Terri
    • Did you publish your site after changing the name ? You should contact weebly support.

      • Raju Nunna
      • Raju Nunna
  3. awesome thank you very much

  4. Is there anyway to change the URL extension on the home page ?
    I would like the extension driving school on my URL

    • From your “Pages” tab, select the Home page, any just type the name you want.

      • Raju Nunna
      • Raju Nunna
  5. Hello, I already bought a domain name, can I change the domain name by any chance? thank you.


  6. I want to initially publish my site for testing, using the assigned weebly domain. Once ready for public consumption I will want to set it to the proper domain, purchased elsewhere. Would there be any kind of charge for this please?

    • modula
    • Reply
    • You will be able to do it free of charge.

      • Raju Nunna
      • Raju Nunna
  7. I am going to be doing a complete rehaul of my website and my company name, I know that it automatically redirects to the new site if anyone looks up the old URL, but what about email, I need to be able to create a new email with the new URL, but still keep my old email. I believe it is done through Google. I have looked around and can’t seem to find any answers. Thanks :)

  8. I changed the name; published; but when I check the old address (to test of those who have it have will be forwarded to the new address) I am NOT being referred. What did I do wrong?

    • Ofir
    • Reply
    • If you switched from one weebly sub-domain to another weebly sub-domain, it will not be redirected. The redirection will happen if the old one is weebly sub-domain and the new one is custom domain name. Post the details of your site in the forums.

      • Raju Nunna
      • Raju Nunna
  9. Hi, I used co.cc free domain for my weebly site. But .co.cc domains are down from few months. Now I’m using .tk free domain.

    How can people (who know only my previous .co.cc domain) visit my site without knowing my new domain name ? Is there a way to do this ?

    Please instruct me.

    Thank you.

    • If you still own the .co.cc domain, then check with your domain registrar and ask them to setup a redirect. If you do not own the .co.cc domain any more, there is no way for people to be automatically redirected.

      • Raju Nunna
      • Raju Nunna
  10. Could I change the domain name if it is registered through Weebly website? Could I still change it?

    • If you buy a new domain name, you should be able to assign it to your site. You can not exchange a previously purchased domain name for a new one.

      • Raju Nunna
      • Raju Nunna

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