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How to Add Meta Keywords to Weebly Site


You can add meta keywords to your weebly site to enhance your sites search engine ranking. Search engines like Google look for keywords as a means of determining what the site is about and suggest your site to Google users when some one searches for any thing that is close to what your site has to provide. To update keywords for your site go to ‘Settings’ tab.

Add keywords to weebly site for search engine optimization

Add keywords in “Meta Keywords” field of weebly site for search engine optimization

For our site Telugu Movies Etc, we would like the search engines to know that this site is about movie critics reviews, for mobile users, for telugu movies. So, we added the keywords like “Critics Reviews”, “Telugu”, “Mobile” which are the key contents of our site. So, for your site, think of what a potential visitor could be searching for and update the keywords accordingly.

Raju Nunna

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8 Responses to “How to Add Meta Keywords to Weebly Site”

  1. Hi can I know how many keywords can I add in? I tried adding alot and most of them were cut off.
    Weebly site doesn’t state the number and when I email to their support there is no reply.

    • Ken
    • Reply
    • Go to “Help!” on Weebly. Click on the “Stats & SEO” category. Select “Site Title, Keywords and Description”.

      There, you will read “You may want to use around 20 or 30 words”.

      • volunteer6290
  2. Hi how can i add keywords in Greek language?
    For example i write the word “ΘΕΣΣΑΛΟΝΙΚΗ” and it appears:


  3. is there a post about all the diffrent page advance setting?
    Page Title (to appear in the HTML title tag)
    Page Description
    Meta Keywords (separate each with a comma)

    Should the Meta Keywords be the same for all pages?

    • Jacob
    • Reply
  4. In the example on this page, why does it include “movie” and “movies”? Shouldn’t “movie” suffice?

    For my own website, should I use “non-profit” as a meta keyword or “non-profit organization”? Seems to me that general (“non-profit”) is better than too specific (“non-profit organization”).

    • volunteer6290
    • Reply
    • You are right. Movie and non-profit are enough. This is more to show where the keywords go. In fact, search engines do not care for this meta tag any more. So, this particular field serves no useful purpose.

      • Raju Nunna
      • Raju Nunna
  5. Hello Raju. I am building a weebly site and have a few problems maybe you can be helpful. First why on the blog page settings can I not meta tag all blogs, meaning for each blog I add there are more tags and there are only room for so many. Second does all meta tags from each page go in the settings site meta tag area all together. Again this block only holds so many tags. And the third problem I am trying to solve is in google webmaster tools my site is showing a yellow triangle beside the sitemap and showing 1,965 warnings. Any help would be much appreciated. Thanks Tim

    • Tim
    • Reply
  6. Raju-

    Do the keywords need to include spaces with the comma separation?

    EX 1.
    science,news,technology …


    EX 2.
    science, news, technology …



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